CQWW CW, Antennas and Some Other News

Wlodek SP6EQZ has just informed that everythig is going very well. As you propably noticed 5T0SP appeared in the CQWW DX CW Contest last weekend. It was Wlodek SP6EQZ as a operator. Contest operation was limited as some antennas were shared with other bands and operators. COntets operation was only on 40, 20 and 10 metres. In spite of it Wlodek was able to make over 1000 contest QSOs giving so many stations a new multiplier.

Some news about antennas. They have already built stacked vertical for 30 and 40 meters, a Spiderbeam, 5el Yagi for 12m/10m, GP7 multiband vertical for 40m-10m and 3el Yagi for 6m band. The propagation on the magic band was fine enough to make some QSOs.

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