News: 2012-11-30

The DXpedition is going on and Team Members work very hard to be active as much as possible on all possible bands and modes. In fact they are very, very busy.

As you could notice the Top Band operation started. During the first day they were transmitting and receiving on the TX antenna. They had K9AY but it does not work too good in that area: on the snad with a thick layer of shells just under the sand surface. So they were going to install another beverage.

The Team received many request to check a call in the log or to correct a callsign which was copied not correct or typed in with an error. All such requests were forwarded to the Team. Unfortunately it is not now possible to make corrections in the log. The organization of work, number of computers and relatively slow internet access are the reasons. But the main reason is that Team members are really very busy. The situation onsite just deos not allow for too much. So if you are not sure about your QSO (or QSOs) work 5T0SP again if only possible. Of course obvious errors will be corrected but rather after the DXpedition.

We also received many request to vistit someone’s profile at as many people collect flags. We are very sorry but we can’t help you now. The reasons are described above.

Please visit the picture gallery. Pictures were sent on the second day of the DXpedition when there was more time for other things than operating. Picture gallery is located at:

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  • Tommy W7RV says:

    Please spend more time for West Coast USA only. We are 3000 miles from the east coast and they present a large wall to break through.

    This is true on all bands, but especially on 40/80/160 meters. This would aslo be a big help on RTTY (any band)

    Thanks/73 W7RV

  • Steve says:

    Would you please consider 10m SSB to North America.

  • Alfred Gruenke KB3JPP says:

    Thanks for responding to my 100 W call to to my 5 W call. I’ve been trying to work you all week and finally succeeded on a Saturday afternoon.

    Good luck to you team, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..

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