News: 2012-12-05

Last days we have changed a little the configuration of the 40m 2el vertical. The effect was amazing: several dozen VK/ZL stations logged one after another. We also had bad news: unfortunately two tranceivers are damaged. But even with limitations we are still active on other transceivers trying to maximize the number of QSOs in our log.

Keet calling us on all bands/modes you need 5T. We are here to work you!



  • krish says:

    Again, fantastic job inspite of the equipment failures.

    So far only the NA stations with Beverages and Receive 4 or 8 circle arrays seem
    to have worked you on 160m.

    Please 160m cw to NA during our sunset. Historically, you have worked NA from
    01:00 to 05:00Z. Will listen for you guys on 160m around that time. But if you could
    please spend atleast 30 minutes everyday, that will help log more stations.

    Also 10/30m RTTY if possible.

    73s de krish w4vku

  • krish says:

    Again, thanks to the team for the nice 160m operation yesterday. We were able to
    work you all. Now, just need 10m RTTY for NA. That should be the last slot
    pending 6M, but 6M is a crap shoot we know. So 10m Rtty would be good if you all
    have the bandwidth for it.

    73s de krish w4vku

  • Catherine says:

    I was one of the lucky VK’s making a contact with your station. The signal from 5T was fantastic here, whereas normally any station from that part or any part of Africa is very low down. I can’t seem to find any info on the antenna you are using for 40m, or the other antennas. Could you post on the web site?

    • SP5UAF says:


      The antennas were described on the website. Also in the news we published information about it. On 40m we have 2el vertical and we can switch the direction. At first it was configured to JA direction. After some days we moved the elements and the preffered direction was VK/ZL. We logged many, many VK/ZL stations that day.

      5T0SP Team

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