News: 2012-12-08

The DXpedition is coming to the end but of course we are still active on bands. And we are all in perfect mood all the time. Two days ago we had over 71k QSOs in the log. We receive requests to be active at a given time on a given band and/or mode.. Sorry we can’t help everyone.  It’s impossible to be everywhere. It’s the part of the game…

Two days ago we had a visit of the army officials who visited us together with a press reporter. We demonstrated QSOs on CW, SSB and RTTY. Our guests were impressed by the number of stations calling 5T0SP. We were talking about amateur radio service, propagation and other aspects of our hobby. It was a very friendly and constructive meeting. We are very glad that we can build positive atmosphere for our hobby.

We had an one hour outage yesterday.

There are substantial temperature differences between day and night here. Yesterday in a very early morning it was only 9C while in the afternoon the temperature was about 30C. We even decided to swim a little in the sea but the water is cold and waves are high. We also spend some time to buy some souvenirs. But the station was active all the time as we did it in groups.



  • krish says:

    Hey guys, enjoy the last few days down there. Fantastic operation. We understand that many are still asking for new band/modes. Today, you were on
    10 Rtty after 1500Z and we could not work you even with a 3 Ele yagi at 70ft.
    No Rx at all, while stations North of us with 100ft towers were able to hear you.

    The prop to this part of East NA is open around 1300Z. So we will look for you
    in the next 2 days after 1300z on 10m Rtty. Again thanks for the new band
    modes. Helps us get a step closer to Dxcc on multiple bands.

    73s krish w4vku

  • David says:

    Excellent operation!

    I was able to make contact with a Buddipole dipole up 12 feet and 100 watts.

    Have a safe journey home.

    Dave AA6RE

  • Lynn Lamb says:

    I honestly commend you guys for the outstanding way you executed this DXpedition. Your signals were as good as the sun allowed and I feel the operators were super. Just isn’t enough space to tell the stories of this model DXpedition, so I won’t, but this DX bloke did enjoyi the hours before the rig and the band/modes slots filled. Had it not been for you all and the way you handled it, there would be no way I could have done it with a vertical and one short wire 22′ above the ground. Thanks very much.

    73, lynn W4NL

  • Tom says:

    What a fine DX operation! Thank you for the QSOs. You are a fine bunch of operators. 73 from Indiana

  • Bogdan says:

    dzieki chlopaki – na mojej balkonowej antenie odbieralem slabiutko ale udealo mi sie (to slowo pasuje tutaj) zrobic 7 lacznosci

  • SWLDXBulgaria says:

    Hello! I am a shortwave broadcast DX-er! In the past years, I have tried to contact Radio Mauritanie several times, in order to obtain their QSL card for my reception reports, but with no luck so far. Is it possible to help in some way, for example to visit the Radio Mauritanie building to see if they issue QSL cards to listeners? They had been doing this a long ago. Thanks in advance.

    LZ2-004 Georgi

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