News: 2012-12-09

Today during a QSO Jurek SP3GEM who was operating 5T0SP on 15m/SSB said that there are more than 80k QSOs in the log. Team mebers are really very happy they were able to log so many stations possibly giving a new one on a band and/or mode.

Other news are that they had to start to dismantle some antennas earlier than expected. There is a lot of salt in the air (they are at the seaside) and there are visible signs of corrosion on the antennas. So it takes more time to do some of the work, for example they have to wash elements of the antennas before packing. So for example the 160m antenna is down now. Of course the Team is active on remaining antennas.



  • krish says:

    Good job guys. I hope you take care of cleaning up the Amps and Radios and
    any other equipment when you get back home. Open it up and try to look for
    traces of salt and clean it up. We have had equipment failures in the past
    after Dxpeditions, where the salty air was circulated inside the hot radios and
    it failed after a year or so. Esp, the kenwood ts-2000. Hope you will have better
    luck. Enjoy the last day of operation. Perhaps you will be able to do 10m Rtty
    around 1400-1500z

    krish w4vku

  • Randy Woods says:

    I know the 5T0SP team still has another day to go nut I wanted to say this. A big thanks goes to the entire 5T0SP team for doing an outstanding job with the pile ups and on the bands. I really had a blast working you and thanks for giving so many bandfills. I wish everyone has a safe and uneventful trip back home. I hope everyone on the team had as much fun as I did!
    73 de Randy AJ4RW

  • SM1TDE says:

    Thanks for picking me up on all bands 160-10m, in total 20 QSO:s!

  • Gene N4FZ says:

    Excellent Dxpedition gentlemen! I enjoyed working you on the many slots. Lots of time in the shack. That is what Amateur Radio is about! You guys are FB Ops, Be safe going home as well. Cheers!

  • Dick K8WHA says:

    Thanks for taking the effort to make the DxPedition. I think you operators did a great job on the operation. God bless and have a safe journey home and a merry Christmas.

    Dick K8WHA

  • Ken, SM4EMO says:

    Splendid operation. Kudos to all involved. I managed to get 23 green “blobs.”

  • Yuji JE2SOY says:

    The conditions are still not so good for JA.
    Please give us the last chance. 30 m, around 2200-0000should be more hopeful…

    Thanks in advance, 73!

  • Al - N1API says:

    Well I think that the team did a hell of a job and thanks for the great effort. You managed to finish up all the slots for the bands and modes that I am able to work due to antennas that I have.

    Have a great and safe trip home and hope to catch you all from some other nice DX locations. You know it’s just not the rare / rare ones that no one ever gets to that need all the attention. It’s also the locations like 5T where there are few amateurs that are not contesters or DXers or even not CW or RTTY operators that need help from DXpeditions like yours. A1 operation all around!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    -73- Al N1API

  • Jean says:

    Hi dear Al,

    You seem to forget that I am permanent resident here in 5T, not a bunch of us but just “one” !!! And in CW for 99% ! So I do hope to meet you on the air one of these days.

    FOC 2005, A1 ARRL, UFT176, CCW 882,
    CWJF 541, A1 Club JA, UTF
    Nouakchott, Mauritania

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