Our Presentation on the SPDX Club Meeting

All members of the 5T0SP Dxepedition attended the XLIV  (44th) Annual SPDX Club’ Meeting   which took place last weekend in Karkonosze Mountains.  There were several  expedition’s presentations during two days meeting – 9Y4/DL7VOG by Gerd, H40T/H44G by Sigi DL7DF,  TX5K by Roman US5WDX  and 5T0SP by all of us.

In front of Top SP  Dx- ers  we told the our story about preparations, used equipment, technique of operation, culture of the Mauritania people and some dangers we met on site. In addition we prepared nice CD records of our adventures which were mailed to top ranked stations in numer of  QSOs with us.

We would like to thank all of you who sacrificed his time and were patient enough to work with us. We are terribly sorry that many direct letters were lost on their way to our QSL manager. It was out of our control. We have sent many directs again after getting any claim. OQRS is strongly recommended for the bureau and direct service.

At the moment we are fully prepared to our new Dxpedition  mission to St. Vincent and Grenadines during the period of November 15th till   of December 1st 2013. See our WEB site for details http://j88hl.dxing.pl/

Looking forward to hear you again soon!





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