The Team on the Way Again

Yes, it is going to happen again. After their previous DXpedition adventures a group of Polish operators joined to the next DXpedition. This time their target is Mauritania. Perhaps it is not on the top of most wanted lists but activcity from 5T is not too high from and also not too many DXpeditions vistit this African country.

So here they are: SP2EBG, SP3CYY, SP3GEM, SP6EQZ, SP6FXY, SP6IXF and 5T0JL. Read their personal profiles to learn about their previous DXpedition experiences.


  • IZ5MOQ, Alessandro says:

    Hi guys,

    gud news, hoping to work you on 160M too from there.

    See you on the air.

    Alessandro, IZ5MOQ

  • Lance Collister, W7GJ says:

    I was very happy to see that you are going to 5T! I am very interested to learn what your planned station is for 6m. You will be there during the best days of the month for 6m EME! I am very interested in a JT65A contact with you during your moonset.

    I usually run my 6m EME skeds on 50.190 and I TX FIRST sequence JT65A. I also always monitor the ON4KST EME page when I am on 6m EME:

    As you may know, JT65A is a special weak signal digital mode that was especially developed for EME (“moonbounce”) communications. JT65A can be used by any station set up for PSK31. It is now the standard accepted mode for EME operation on the 6m band worldwide, and the extra sensitivity provided by this special mode makes it possible for single yagi stations to complete moonbounce contacts on the 6m band. Even though the sunspot cycle has not provided very good ionospheric propagation, cndx are EXCELLENT for 6m EME because the geomagnetic field is usually very quiet – a few days each month are optimum for EME and can be predicted in advance because of the orbit. Here are the best times of the month for 6m EME:

    JT65A is one of the weak signal modes included in the free WSJT package of programs available at:

    In addition, a list of tips for new JT65 users is available on my web page:

    I have completed 6m EME contacts with 124 DXCC so far, and most of those contacts were with single yagi stations using JT65A mode while the moon was near their horizon. The secret to success (besides using JT65A mode) is for a single yagi station to KEEP THE ANTENNA AIMED ON THE HORIZON! This permits the yagi to generate extra GROUND GAIN that can make it perform like a 4 yagi station aimed up in the sky! Ground gain is best when the terrain in front of the antenna is free of “ground clutter” such as houses, rooftops, cars, valleys, etc….and the VERY BEST of course is when the antenna can look directly out over the ocean!

    I have worked a handful of 100w stations during the optimum times of the month (the smallest had a 3 element yagi), but most of the stations I have contacted have had at least 500w and a well designed 6 or 7 element beam.

    A very popular amplifier among DXpeditions has been the ACOM 1000 (HF + 6m kw amplifier): M2 also makes a solid state kw amplifier, the 6M-1000, which is very small and only weighs 12 pounds! That is what I used on my recent 6m EME DXpeditions from 3D2 and 5W0.

    A very popular 6m antenna that has worked very well on 6m EME DXpeditions is the lightweight and very portable M2 6M7JHV: or the new M2 6M8GJ (which I used very successfully on 6m EME from E51, 3D2 and 5W0):

    Other excellent high performance homebrew yagi designs can be found at and I have worked many of these antennas. They have been duplicated all around the world with excellent results, by people using various materials that were available to them locally.

    I can provide a sked proposal for you, listing frequency, specific preferred times and moon positions, as soon as I know your availability. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or I can provide any additional information. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to contact you soon off the moon!

    MNI TNX for your kind consideration! VY 73, Lance

  • John says:

    Great News Guys:

    Looking for you on 10 & 17.

  • Radek, SP5ADX says:

    Great news! I will hunt you on all bands.
    You can count on my sponsoriship

    VY 73!

  • Darrell Bevan N6DX says:

    Good luck on your trip. I would very much want to work you on 160M for a new country. Please Keep in mind our sunset time on the West coast of NA.

  • Ralf says:

    Nice to see your activity ! Cu on the bands !
    Ralf / DL3JJ / 5T5DC

  • Bill VK2MWG says:

    Looking for a new one any bands, good luck

  • Andre PY5EW says:

    Good luck and much success to team 5T0SP

    Please good conditions for SA on 6 meters, 22:00 00:00 UTC

    Stations C5, 6W always with strong signals!!

    Please try 6m to SA! Many stations of South America await a QSO on 6m to 5T

    Many Thanks! GL 73 PY5EW Andre

  • Greg Surma says:

    Hope to work you in the CQWW CW Contest on 6 bands!

    Good luck on your expedition!

    Dzie Kuje!

    Greg K8GL

    • SP5UAF says:

      OK. But the Team arrives in the afternoon on Saturday. They are going to build at least one antenna the same day so perhaps they will appear in the contest but not for sure. Regards Tom SP5UAF

  • Filippo says:

    Nice DXpedition and excellent operators.
    Easy to contact you from Rome, new one for me, thanks!
    But it would be nice to know where exactly you are, I couldn’t find any information about your base in Mauritania
    If you could publish the WW Locator on your site it would be great!

    Last thing: many hams will appreciate your confirm on LoTw

    73 and GL!
    Fil, IZ0INX

  • Ray says:

    Glad to see my call ok in online log, a big surprise on 40m SSB with low power equipment
    Tnx to the excellent operator for a new dxcc on 40m!

  • AL says:

    Well even though it’s not on the top of the DXCC list, I still need 12, 15,17 and 20. Also need CT and digital. After 30 + years a ham the only band I’ve worked 5T on is 10 Meters.

  • Czeslaw SP7XK says:

    Witam, i pozdrawiam cały zespół.
    Dziękuję bardzo za wszystkie dotychczas przeprowadzone QSO’s.
    Jednak, QSO w dniu 01.12.2012 o godz. 14:14 na 20m SSB, zalogowane
    zostało błędnie pod znakiem SP7XR (taki znak nie występuje).
    Natomiast nie ma w logu od kilku dni QSO’s na 30m, przeprowadzanych
    wieczorami przez 5T0JL, co sprawia irytację operatorów wielu stacji.

    Życzę powodzenia, Czesław – SP7XK

    • SP5UAF says:

      Dziękujemy za QSO. Nie ma się co irytować. Ponieważ praca wygląda tak, a nie inaczej, umieściliśmy odpowiednie info na stronie. Innym wyjściem jest zaprzestanie w ogóle pracy na 30m, czy wtedy by było lepiej? Na pewne warunki pracy nie mamy w tej chwili wpływu. Łączności są przepisywane do postaci elektronicznej w miarę możliwości, kiedy jest wolne stanowisko. Czasem zdarzają się ewidentne błędy podczas wpisywania, klawiaturowe – korekty takich pomyłek będą wprowadzane dopiero po wyprawie. Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich korespondentów!

  • Ken says:

    “Keep calling us on all bands/modes you need 5T. We are here to work you!”
    So you say, but:
    I need you on 40m RTTY but you are not there. So it is a waste of time to call you there! 🙂 I also need you on 15m RTTY, but you are not there either, so it is a waste of time to call you there as well 🙂
    Good Luck Guy, you’ve been doing great!

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