News: 2012-12-08

The DXpedition is coming to the end but of course we are still active on bands. And we are all in perfect mood all the time. Two days ago we had over 71k QSOs in the log. We receive requests to be active at a given time on a given band and/or mode.. Sorry we can’t help everyone.  It’s impossible to be everywhere. It’s the part of the game… Two days ago we had a visit of the army officials who visited us together with a press reporter. We demonstrated QSOs on … Continue Reading →

News: 2012-12-05

Last days we have changed a little the configuration of the 40m 2el vertical. The effect was amazing: several dozen VK/ZL stations logged one after another. We also had bad news: unfortunately two tranceivers are damaged. But even with limitations we are still active on other transceivers trying to maximize the number of QSOs in our log. Keet calling us on all bands/modes you need 5T. We are here to work you!

News: 2012-12-02

As had been mentioned before, all possible typing errors in callsigns in the log will be corrected after the DXpedition. All notices about miscopied callsigns are recorded and they will be reviewed right after the DXpedition. We are sorry but there is no way to make corrections during the operation. So if you are afraid about your QSO and you can’t find your call in the log, call 5T0SP again. And again: 30 meters QSOs are very often logged on paper. They are little by little typed in into the electronic log … Continue Reading →

News: 2012-11-30

The DXpedition is going on and Team Members work very hard to be active as much as possible on all possible bands and modes. In fact they are very, very busy. As you could notice the Top Band operation started. During the first day they were transmitting and receiving on the TX antenna. They had K9AY but it does not work too good in that area: on the snad with a thick layer of shells just under the sand surface. So they were going to install another beverage. The Team received many … Continue Reading →

Online log. Top Band

We would like to inform that for some reason on one station the logging is done in a paper log. It relates mainly to 30 meters contacs. So don’t worry if you can’t find your call in the online log. If your are sure that there was no doubt about your QSO there is no need to repeat a QSO. One of the Team members works hard to retype all those paper logs into the electronic form and then to upload them to online log. Team members were going to build … Continue Reading →

5T0SP Spots at Low bands

Felipe PY1NB created a special 5T0SP spot-page at Please visit to see latest 5T0SP spots together with the visualization on the map and some very nice tools. Thanks very much Felipe! We really appreciate it! Yesterday Wlodek SP6EQZ informed that today they planned to build low band antennas: 160m and 80m verticals plus K9AY and beverages as RX antennas. Stay tunned for low band operation to start soon.

CQWW CW, Antennas and Some Other News

Wlodek SP6EQZ has just informed that everythig is going very well. As you propably noticed 5T0SP appeared in the CQWW DX CW Contest last weekend. It was Wlodek SP6EQZ as a operator. Contest operation was limited as some antennas were shared with other bands and operators. COntets operation was only on 40, 20 and 10 metres. In spite of it Wlodek was able to make over 1000 contest QSOs giving so many stations a new multiplier. Some news about antennas. They have already built stacked vertical for 30 and 40 meters, … Continue Reading →

No News = Good News

When we last talked to DXPedition mebers in Poland they promised to send SMS news from the Paris Airport and then from Mauritania. However they sent no news. Perhpas they were in a hurry. Who knows… But the most important thing is that they are in Mauritania and they started HAM operation on bands which means they are already there with their luggae. The 5T0SP callsign appeared on bands… So stay tuned and look for them on bands. On Sunday the activity will be  limited as the Team has to build … Continue Reading →

Almost on the way…

On the picture below you can see a part of luggage. This parcels belong to to team members who live in Wroclaw (SP6EQZ, SP6FXY, SP6IXF). In total all team members have over 250kg of lugage. So everything is ready and the 5T0SP Team starts around midnight. They are going to reach Berlin in the early morning on Saturday. Then they have their flight to Paris and next from Paris to Mauritania.   If everything is OK, they will reach their QTH in the afternoon on Saturday. They are going to prepare at … Continue Reading →

Team Meeting, 6 Meters, Frequencies, QSL Manager…

On November 4 there was the second meeting of the 5T0SP Team. Five of six members took part. The meeting was hosted by Janusz SP6IXF and his family. We have discussed many important matters again: antennas, transceivers, accessories etc. One of the subjects was how to dispatch the baggage between DXpedition members. At the end of our meeting Mek SP7VC ( see ) with his wife SQ7OYL joined us on the return way from EA9 (Mek made more than 3500 QSOs in CQWW Phone) and about 2500 QSOs from LX … Continue Reading →