News 2012-09-22

There were no news last weeks on our website but many things happened in the meantime as we work hard to prepare everything. Here are the most important news: Many antenna tests were made. We know antennas we are going to use but all of them are tested to check that no parts are missing and antennas work as expected. Of course to make such tests it is necessary to build each antenna.   Jean 5T0JL informed that there is Internet access in the hotel. So we hope it will be … Continue Reading →

5T0SP Team Meeting. The list of equipment

The DXpedition Team members had their first meeting on 18th of August at the QTH of Jurek SP3GEM. There were five of them (SP2EBG, SP3CYY, SP3GEM, SP6EQZ and SP6IXF) who participated the meeting. They met to discuss some aspects of the DXpedition, especially to talk about transceivers and antennas. So here is the preliminary list of  equipment they are going to take to Mauritania. Transceivers: 3 x TS590, 2 x K3, 1x IC7000. Fiberglas poles: 2 x 8m, 2 x 12m and 1 x 15m. Masts: 1x fiberglass 9m high and 3 … Continue Reading →

News 2012-08-10. Vote in our survey

Thanks for all HAM friends who sent us really friendly comments. Many of you asked for the 160 meters. We can say that we are going to be really well prepared for the Top Band operation. Many of us have low band experience. Especially Jurek SP3GEM is mad about low bands (you can have a lok at his antennas at: The coming weekend we are going to have a meeing of the DXpedition team at Jurek’s QTH. After that we will publish the list of equipment and antennas we are … Continue Reading →

News 2012-08-10

It is not sure if there will be internet access in the QTH of the DXpedition. There are no roaming services there. Perhaps it will possible to buy a prepaid card of thr local operator. If it is only possible we will try to have internet and upload our logs to the ClubLog. We will publish a survey to let you vote on which bands and/or modes you need 5T. Just give us some days to prepare it. You can also always use our contact email: – this email already works and will be active … Continue Reading →


Yes, it is going to happen again. After previous DXpedition adventures a group of Polish operators joined to organize the next DXpedition. This time their target is Mauritania. Perhaps it is not on the top of the Most Wanted DXCC Entity List  but activcity from 5T is not too high, in fact there is only one active HAM in 5T. Also not too many DXpeditions have vistited that African country. So here is the DXpedition team: SP2EBG, SP3CYY, SP3GEM, SP6EQZ, SP6FXY, SP6IXF and 5T0JL. Read their short personal profiles to learn … Continue Reading →